Is the Green Party actually “green”?



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    I’m not sure exactly what type of answer you are looking for here, but what I’d done is copied the points the Green party makes on its official platform. This shows their values in terms of the environment. This does indicate that they are “green” and focused on environmental friendliness for all.

    1. Devoting greater efforts to full enforcement and prosecution of environmental crimes.
    2. Funding environmental crime units for district attorneys in counties with significant pollution problems.
    3. Imposing a moratorium on siting new toxic chemical or waste facilities in those counties with the highest percentage exposure to hazardous substances.
    4. Not forcing workers to choose between a hazardous job or no job at all.
    5. Preventing communities, especially low-income or minority communities, from being coerced by governmental agencies or corporations into siting hazardous materials, or accepting environmentally hazardous practices in order to create jobs.
    6. Preceding the siting of hazardous materials or practices with public hearings, conducted in the language of those community members who will be directly affected.

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    Yes and no. The Green Party of the United States (website below) is a political party made up of a variety of causes and interests. It has strong ties to environmentalism, and that is how it got it’s start, but it is also a combination of advocates for social justice, election reform, labor rights, healthcare reform, and many other things. It is a grassroots organization turned political party, and it is as green as a political party is going to get.

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