Is the green industry excited that Obama is running again in 2012?



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    The “green industry” probably includes people who are fiscal and social conservatives as well as those who would vote for Obama again. It’s inappropriate to color an entire business sector with the same brush. Certainly, many such businesses would perceive the Obama administration’s policies as friendly to their operations, but some will likely see the same policies as anti-business in general. Which aspects of such policies guide individuals’ attitudes is complex. Furthermore, many business people recognize that the Executive Branch has less to do with the way business operates than do the laws enacted (or not enacted) by the Congress.

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    This is an interesting question.  I can hardly speak for “green industries,” but looking at Obama’s presidency, there are some things he has done that support the “green” movement and some things that haven’t.  For instance, supporting offshore drilling early on in his presidency was not necessarily “green” move, but he has recently pledged to make clean energy a top priority.  So, there are probably people involved in the green industry who don’t feel he’s done enough and others that are very supportive of him.

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    Tough to generalize as a whole, but the green industry is probably rooting for a democrat in general — republicans are conclusively supportive of gas and oil, and the green industry stands to profit if gas and oil are regulated to a greater degree, and subsidized to a lesser one. Among Democrats, Obama certainly isn’t the most ardent environmentalist, and has a record of being willing to compromise. Whether the green industry will support Obama with their money come election time will depend on Obama’s chances to win as opposed to other Democrats, and the prominence of his environmental platform relative to other Democrats.

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