Is a green economy a good economy?



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    This depends on how you define a green economy.

    A green economy would do less damage to the environment, so in that sense yes.

    It would make most items more expensive because the price of energy and materials would most likely go up though, so it would not be as good economically.

    There are also other factors, such as whether other countries will develop green economies and how that will affect the world market and competition, to take into account as well.


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    It also depends upon how you define a “good” economy.  According to the UN Environment Programme, a green economy is a, “low carbon, resources efficient, and socially inclusive” economy, whose income and employment growth are driven by public and private investments in environmental/resource conservation and preservation.  A green economy allocates a certain amount of federal spending to support green initiatives, and makes environmental issues a priority on the public agenda.

    Given this definition, which describes a growing economy, I would say a green economy would be good for economic and environmental reasons.  


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