Is green consumerism a viable solution to over-consumption, or is all consumerism inherently harmful?



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    Green consumerism is good, but it isn’t the final solution. It is one of my biggest fears that the Green Campaign stuff that we see in the media and in products will become just a fad that will later go out of style (because the news companies and media outlets will eventually get ahold of some larger more attention grabbing topic). But I do not think that will happen, as this is our only earth, and the way we have been treating it is disgusting—we have destroyed it somewhat already—so it is an imperitive until the job is done to clean and restore the earth to it’s natural beauty and stable condition.

    If we are spending more and driving more and ending up using more resources in a futile attempt to “green ourselves,” when all is said and done, then green consumerism can actually be worse for the environment than the good it does.

    This is the case with “recyclable” plastics — we actually end up putting more plastic in land fills because demands for plastics go up if people think that they do not pose a problem to the environment (but in reality, the most certainly do)!

    Green consumerism is clearly better than over-consumption, we just have to be very careful to not just change a few small things (like getting some LED light bulbs or a hybrid car)—because that won’t cut it—we need to completely abandon our TAKER WAYS (or resource mongering and over-consumption of all natural products the earth provides for us) and adopt new life-styles which are GREENER (like love, conservation, peace) without the focus of CONSUMERISTIC or MATERIAL VALUE (greed, power, jealousy, hate, etc.).

    This is the best question I have seen anyone ask all day!

    The link below offers some support for what I said about recycling plastics not necessarily being a good thing if production and use goes up. (we should probably just eliminate or cut back on production of them in the first place—much like Ireland did).

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    I would agree for the most part.  Green consumerism is an alternative, but not the solution.  There are some things in our society that hurt the environment won’t be eliminated, but they can be lessened and done in a way that isn’t as harmful.  Currently we live to the excess and waste products and energy that is incredibly detrimental. Green consumerism will help balance things out and is just one part of changing our society.

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