is greed The motivation behind Nuclear Money makers at the cost of Life ?.

A Wind mill Invention that is unlimited in width and power existed since 1984 it is still Stonewalled by Americas elite and officials it is even 1000x more powerful in currents a vertical Prototypical is posted under BeJesuswindmills On You Tube



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    Perhaps, however, consciously greed may not be recognized as the motivator. Perhaps it is seen as a need by mankind to attain the power of nuclear power because of its tremendous potential, although you are correct in the proposed risks of Life at hand here. When considering the type of energy that is available to us, a certain amount of people head towards various avenues such as windmill, water, nuclear, oil, solar, etc. From there, single factors such as providing energy is the sole motivator, from there is deviates further into the safety precautions. For the most part, companies like to promote their features and benefits in order to market themselves to a wide audience and allure them towards consuming energy through them, sometimes the risks will be downplayed so that the focus is on grabbing the customer, so what needs to happen here is the consumer’s own research. Therefore, although the nuclear companies may seem that they are acting despite the cost of life, it is because until a great tragedy occurs (as it most recently has with Japan) attention to something that is seemingly working may not appear necessary to companies such as nuclear energy.

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      Thank you A very good answer,It paralleled reality.Except In a non-responsible way Nuclear power is avoiding accountability for its permanent damages to all inhabitants of this planet threw its misuse of its vast wealth including bribery in its ongoing attempts at preventing clean mass free energy, this serious accountability avoidance ability is the real problem.

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    Every business has a risk of life — more deaths are associated with automobiles, mining accidents/gas explosions, and greenhouse gas, respectively, than with nuclear power. No worker at a nuclear power plant has died because of exposure to radiation in recorded record — the only deaths have been from disasters. I think that this shows a very high emphasis on safety, both ideologically and because of the laws surrounding nuclear power. Of course everybody who wants to go into a business is doing it in part because of money, but the most successful businessmen believe in their ideas and their products.

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