Is the great barrier reef in Australia threatened by climate change?



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    It certainly is. The Great Barrier Reef is seeing more episodes of coral bleaching and is growing far less rapidly due to the acidification of the oceans caused by an increased amount of carbon dioxide. This is affecting the reef so severely that it may stop growing by 2050. In addition to this,  the recent floods in Queensland (which have probably been caused by climate change) have affected the Great Barrier Reef by dropping the salinity of the water to dangerously low levels and dumping sediments and pesticides onto the reef.

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    In addition to what valeriec5 mentioned, the corals may also be growing much more slowly as a result of climate change, which makes it harder for them to make up for the losses mentioned. The slowing growth occurs because the rate at which the corals absorb calcium is declining, which means that their shells cannot harden and they cannot build as easily. It is attributed to climate change because the rate of calcification dropped 13% from 1990 to 2005. The most likely reason, according to the below article, is the increase of both sea temperatures and ocean acidity.

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