Is gravity stronger at different stages of the year?



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    This concept has been researched, and although some scientists believe that the earth’s gravitational pull may vary depending on the season, it has yet to be proved. For further information check out the article (below) from New Scientist.

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    The strength of gravitation pull between two objects depends solely on two factors — mass and distance between the two objects.  So unless earth’s mass were to increase dramatically during the changing of the seasons (and it doesn’t) or if we were to somehow be moved closer or farther from the surface of earth (we don’t) then there would not be any apparent change in the gravitation pull between us and the earth.  The mass thing is most important and interesting — on the moon we weigh much less, but on jupiter we weigh way more! (no one has ever been to jupiter and there isn’t even a solid surface to stand on, but if you could, you’d be much “heavier” i.e. you’d feel the pull of gravity more — it’s be much stronger. Here’s the formula for the force of attraction between two objects —

    If F is the force due to gravity, G the Universal Gravitational Constant (6.67×10-11 N.m2/kg2), m the mass and r the distance between two objects. Then

    F = G m1 m2 / r2

    notice how mass (both mass 1 and mass 2 — which would be the earth and a human) and the radius (the distance between us) are the only changing variables in the equation that determines the force! 

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