Gravity of jupiter is the max among all the planets. In that case, why is it that other planets around it are not getting sucked inwards?



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    You could ask the same question about the sun! The sun has way more gravity than any of the planets, so why doesn’t the sun pull all of the planets into it? You could even ask that about the earth and the moon. Why doesn’t the moon come crashing into the surface of the earth?

    The reasons for all of these questions are the same. Planets don’t have just the force of Jupiter pulling on it, but also the force of all the other planets pulling on it, as well as the sun. Plus, planets have a lot of force pushing them in other directions.

    They have their own velocity pushing them to the side. This lateral force helps push the planets into orbit with the sun, rather than crash into it.

    Finally, Jupiter DOES have a small effect on the other planets. They do get sucked inwards a small amount. However, it’s just not a strong enough force to drag them all the way towards the planet. In the same way, even the gravity of the sun isn’t enough to pull us up, rather than down.

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