Is the government planning on helping with sustainability?



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    One would hope, but we may not be able to rely solely on the government for sustainability. Private organizations with the issues at heart tend to do better in the arena of actually making a difference without bureaucracies and red tape getting in the way. The EPA of the United States has placed many regulations on business practices and industries in the interest of public health safety and environmental impact. With talk of possibly repealing some of these regulations, it may ultimately be up to the private sector to set things in motion by creating new organizations dedicating to cleaning up and maintaining the home of ours called Earth. Non-profits are usually more concerned with the real issues instead of making them PR stunts for re-election, and will raise money and awareness about the issue of sustainability. Also, not all the world’s governments care as much as we do, and so you would end up with some areas with good sustainability while others suffer. I believe the answer may be be private organizations that perhaps receive federal grants to fuel their efforts.

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