Is the gorilla our second closest living relative?



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    While we have a lot of DNA in common with all primates, the Chimpanzee is our closest living relative. We share about 96% of our DNA with them.

    There is a growing movement arguing that humans are more like the bonobo.  Chimpanzees and bonobos are so closely related that they are often lumped together under the term “chimpanzee.”  The arguments for humans being closer to bonobos seems mostly based on behavior patterns.  It is a very interesting debate to follow. 

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    Many researchers believe gorillas to be our closest living relative, after chimpanzees.  By studying gorillas in the wild and captivity, scientists have shed light on some similarities we share with these animals in regards to social behavior, and even potential for communication.  Like chimpanzees, gorillas are extremely intelligent animals, capable of a variety of mental feats previously ascribed only to humans.  Insights into the lives of gorillas can provide us with a glimpse of just how close our evolutionary connection to the rest of the animal kingdom really is.

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