Is google going to do a good job with solar?



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    Google is investing millions of dollars in renewable energy research. Engineers are currently working on a solar turbine project. These solar turbines are similar to gas turbines except that they are powered by solar energy instead of natural gas.

    Google has also invested heavily in the eSolar, a company working to develop heliostat technology. A heliostat is a solar powered system that utilizes mirrors to maximize power generation. The mirrors adjust their position throughout the day and throughout the year to reflect sunlight onto a solar panel surface, reducing the angle of incidence of light and maximizing the energy harvesting capacity of the system.

    Furthermore, Google has invested in BrightSource Energy Inc. BrightSource runs large solar plants that provide clean and cheap energy to industrial and utility companies.

    Right now, Google claims it does not have sufficient funds to invest in solar energy on the scale that it had originally planned on prior to the recession. I would think that as the economy improves, Google will increase invesetment, significantly contributing to the effort to develop solar energy.

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