Is google an eco friendly company?



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    Google since its inception has been committed to the Green Movement. In 2007, Google installed solar panels which “generate enough electricity to power 30% of the peak load of the buildings upon which it sits.” In addition to this installation of a renewable energy source, Google has invested in Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Concentrating Solar Power, Smart Meter Devices, and the Google Earth Engine. 

    In addition to these investments, Google has made their corporate campus green and instills corporate social responsibility values in their employees. The company offers shuttling services to cut down on commute pollution and makes efforts to continue greening their buildings. These actions have reduced their carbon footprint. 

    However, despite these efforts, in early September 2011, Google was criticized for its electricity usage; enough to power 200,000 homes. 

    Google is eco-friendly and has made great strides in sustainability, but the company still has room to grow.  

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