Is the golden eagle bigger than the bald eagle?



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    Yes, they are in terms of height and wingspan, but weight-wise they are about the same.

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    According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, bald eagles and golden eagles are very similar in size.  Because all eagles are slightly different, there could be a bald eagle bigger than a golden eagle and vice-versa. 

    National Geographic also supports the conclusion that they are very similar in size, listing the golden eagle’s average height at 33 to 38 inches and the bald eagle’s average height at 34 to 43 inches.  The wingspan of the golden eagle is between 6 and 7.5 feet, and the bald eagle’s is between 6 and 8 feet.

    The female bald eagle is considerable larger than the male bald eagle, so you might be able to find a female bald eagle that is bigger than a golden eagle.

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    It is known that the Golden Eagle is dominate over the Bald Eagle. They do, however, coexitst in the same habitat. The Golden Eagle is known to have greater stength than the Bald Eagle. Golden Eagles are more aggressive. Bald Eagles are more scavengers.  

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