Is gold bad for the environment?



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    Unfortunately, the gold industry contributes to a lot of environmental destruction, and gold is generally considered pretty bad for the environment. For one thing, much gold mining occurs in threatened and biologically diverse parts of the world, such as tropical forests. As one example, gold mining is destroying a tropical rainforest in Indonesia that sits on top of one of the world’s largest gold and copper deposits. Gold mining often releases toxic pollutants into nearby waterways as well, including mercury, heavy metals, and cyanide. This pollution is harmful both to aquatic life, and to human communities that depend on these streams for drinking water and other uses.

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          If you want gold but still want to be environmentally responsible, there are several options. Companies like Greenkarat use gold that has already been mined make recycled jewelry. You can also buy used, antique, or estate jewelry.

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    I don’t know what this question is asking: Gold is naturally occurring, and therefore is not bad for the environment, right?

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