Is going green the new status symbol?



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    For some people, going green might simply mean going along with the latest trend. For others it is a true effort to do their part to conserve resources and reduce pollution. Regardless of intention, flaunting green choices is a means of sharing information toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

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    Many people would agree that going green certainly has something to do with style and status in the U.S.–after all, they sell green T-shirts with recycling symbols at Walgreens! Last year, the New York Times released an article on this subject, which discussed the move of the upper class to make more green decisions-

    Despite the fact that the article seems to suggest that the upper class has to struggle to accept living green as living luxuriously, I think many people–from teens to seniors–are finding that it’s now “cool” to go green!

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    HA HA. Yes. I definitely think it can be. Going green often requires spending a little more money, so it can represent a luxury that only some can afford. For example, buying organic often costs a little more, and buying a hybrid is certainly not cheap. Environmentally and socially conscious people should generally avoid monster chains like Wal Mart, but if you’re struggling to put food on the table, the fact is that food is cheaper there. Also, those trendy Sigg bottles are expensive simply BECAUSE they are trendy, not because they cost a lot of money to make.

    Generally, green living implies that one is personally secure and able to afford a lifestyle that supports a greater cause.

    (I don’t think that this is how is HAS TO BE, but I think we’d be fooling ourselves if we denied that being green is a current trend.)

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