Is going green good in moderation?



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    Going green is definitely good in moderation, but this is one of those rare cases in which more is better. It’s not always easy to go green; in fact, much of the time you still have to go out of you way to be green. However, there are plenty of ways you can make small changes in your daily life that can make a huge difference in the long run. I recommend The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen as a user-friendly guide to going green without changing your lifestyle. You can also check out National Geographic’s Green Guide online or check out‘s many tips and articles.

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    It’s always important to make small easy changes when you are making lifestyle change. Some people dive head first into living green and then realize that it’s too much work or too expensive. I always tell people to take it one step at a time. Take a good look at your life to see where you can make improvements. An Eco-Babe’s Guide to Greening It has a questionnaire that you can take to see where you sit in the “living green spectrum.” It also helps you identify where you can make green changes. Many of the ways listed are things that most people don’t think about. For example, you can opt out of mailers that you receive via conventional mail to help save paper/trees.

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