Is goats milk better for you than regular milk?



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    It depends on what is better for you as an individual person.  While cow’s milk is more nutritional, goat’s milk is more easily digestible because the fat molecules are smaller, so if you have a less than stellar digestive system, goat’s milk may be better.  It is better for people with asthma and breathing problems because it doesn’t form mucus.  It is mostly just more easily digestible, but has slightly less nutrition content.

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    It’s funny that you refer to cow’s milk as “regular,” because worldwide, goat’s milk is actually consumed more than cow’s milk. In terms of nutrition, there are trade-offs here and there between the two kinds, but overall they are comparable. Usually a person will choose one over the other based on digestive comfort.

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    The above answer is true, in reality 65% of the world’s milk comes from goats. Here are some reasons, not my mine, why people believe goat milk is better for you than cow milk:

    1. Goat milk is less allergenic
    2. Goat milk is naturally homogenized
    3. Goat milk is easier to digest
    4. Goat milk rarely causes lactose intolerance
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