Is goats cheese better for you than cows cheese?



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    Most of the world drinks goat milk rather than cow milk, and the US is unique in that way. People who are allergic to cow’s milk may be able to drink goat’s milk instead. Goat’s milk is healthier because goats are treated with fewer antibiotics and other hormones and medicines than cows. Their milk is also naturally cleaner and doesn’t need to go through as much processing as cow’s milk before people can drink it. The type of fat in goat’s milk is often easier for the body to digest, which makes it easier to absorb calcium. Unlike cow’s milk, it also decreases mucus in the body and stabilizes body weight. These benefits of course transfer to cheese, making goat cheese a better choice in most cases. 

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    Goat’s milk is probably healthier overall, primarily because it is not connected with RBGH, the hormone given to cows the make them beefier. Of course, that hormone also exists in the cows milk, which we drink, perhaps making us beefier, and not in a good way. Goat’s milk, however, doesn’t contain such a hormone.

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