Is global worming a political ideology or is it real?



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    Global warming is very much real. Signs that the earth is warming up is recorded all over the world. You can see it yourself, in recent years temperatures through a thermometer has been increasing quickly. Earth’s temperature has rose to 1 degree higher over the last century, and the arctic has risen about twice as much as other countries. In warmer and wetter years, earth’s rings were thicker than before. Old trees and wood can tell us about conditions hundreds or even thousands of years ago. 

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    Global warming is real, but it is also an issue that affects people around the world. Since governments are responsible for protecting their people, it is something that governments must make one of their primary concerns. This is why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established. The IPCC allows scientists from around the world to collaborate to educate people on global warming and other climate change issues. Global warming is actually just one small part of the bigger issue of climate change we are facing. We are also dealing with sea level rise, ocean acidification, and desertification among other things.

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