Is global warming speeding up the erosion of the great pyramids?



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    Erosion is caused from many things like weather and by water getting inside of rocks, which has been tied to global warming. Rocks are porous and have many small cracks in them where water creeps in. The water then freezes when is gets cold and expands, forcing the cracks to grow. The water then melts out and allows more water to get inside and repeat the process. With global warming places that used to have 3-4 freeze cycles a year will now have more when temperature reach above freezing more often. Egypt is not a frozen environment, so this concept will have little effect on the pyramids. 

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    The greatest threat to the pyramids of egypt is not global warming but acid rain. The pyramids are actually quite close to Cairo, and acid rain (primarily produced by the smog from traffic in the city) has increased the rate at which the pyramids are being eroded. The acid rain is literally dissolving away the rock of the pyramids. 

    Especially check out the picture labeled as figure 4 in the reference I’ve included.

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