Is global warming the reason that the weather has been different this year?



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    Unfortunately there isn’t any completely positive evidence that global warming is responsible for climate change which is why there are still people who don’t believe in global warming.  However, there is really no question that the earth is going through climate change at the moment and due to the ridiculous amounts of greenhouse gasses that we put into the air, I personally think that it is global warming that is causing the climate change.  We don’t have conclusive evidence at this point which is the only thing holding us back, but I think that the majoirty of people in the United States does believe that global warming is the cause.

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    Conclusive evidence is hard to find and often only comes in hindsight. BUT Much of what we have been seeing this year, does seem to be right in line with the predictions made by the International Panel on Climate Change. Their 2005 report warned that we would see more intense storms. We have had a pretty intense year so far in storms here in the Northeast. The IPCC also warned that as springs become wetter and summers become hotter, insects that carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever will be migrating further away from the equator. Just this year, dengue fever has made it to Florida.

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    Fluctuations in temperature trends year by year are caused by ocean cycles that last several years, but there is no question that global warming is real. Temperature is the primary factor in weather, so in terms of the weather this year, it is most likely a combination of ocean cycles and global warming.

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    Absolutely. The reason for floods and weather bombs and droughts and poor China – currently being washed away.

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