Is Global Warming Real?

oR is it fake?



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    Critics who debate global warming usually do so by claiming the changes in climate are not man-made. Evidence is fairly conclusive that the climate of the earth is getting warmer. This is shown in average temperature recordings over the past decades as well as melting and fragmenting of the polar ice caps. Evidence is also strong that this is caused by the emissions of greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses result in the re-direction of heat back towards the surface of the Earth, preventing heat from radiating back through the atmosphere. This same effect is why the planet Venus is so hot, even hotter than Mercury, a planet closer to our sun.

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    That depends on who you ask. I believe it is, and that the increasing average temperatures are very real and should be treated as such. Humans have very recently (in the scale of geologic time) started emitting millions of tons of C02, and the climate record shows the Earth warming around this same time.

    As I see it, even if global warming doesn’t happen quite as it is projected, we should still improve our environment and live sustainably anyway. The improvements in air quality, clean energy, and animal habitat is still a much greater future, no matter how warm it is.

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    global warming couldnt get any more real…sorry sweetheart

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    Global warming is real and urgent.  It does depend on who you ask, but not everyone you ask is going to give you an equally trustworthy answer.

    The people who say global warming is real and dangerous are scientists who have dedicated their lives to studying climate. The people who say it’s fake are industry heads and politicians who profit from continued carbon emissions.

    I’ve never heard of thousands of scientists from all over the world banding together to lie to the public… But industry has deliberately mislead the public many times, all so it could keep profiting from dangerous products. It did it with leaded gasoline, the pesticide DDT, and even tobacco smoke. In all of these cases, just like fossil fuels, scientists agreed that the substances were dangerous and urged their regulation or banning. But the industry managed to delay this for decades through misinformation campaigns, costing thousands if not millions of lives. They’re doing it again with global warming -but this time, the planet doesn’t have decades to waste. 

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