Is global warming or over fishing more damaging?



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    Global warming is definitely more of a problem as it has more ramifications on the state of the world. Over-fishing can be solved by a few laws limited fishing catch and population increasing through breeding. Global warming is a much stickier issue in terms of possible solutions as it requires the whole world to cooperate and hold to promises.

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    The use of the word damaging makes this question interesting. Global warming is more damaging in regard to the extent of it’s influence and how many types of ecosystems it can harm. The damage of overfishing however is contained to one ecosystem, which could be potentially thrown into chaos if a portion of the food chain is cut out. This can also effect our own food supply. The damage from global warming could appear slowly and over the course of hundreds of years, whereas constant overfishing could show results in ten years. Therefore, it really depends on the angle you take to the question. But I’d agree with those above, global warming is more damaging due to the extent of it’s influence.

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