Is global warming hurting baitfish more than the larger predators in the water?



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    The answers to this question are mostly contained in the primary literature (scientific journal articles) as scientists are only begining to understand and quantify the effects of global climate change. The problem to understanding the ecological impact of climate change is that each population and trophic level experiences different controls on their population and uses different cues to begin certain life history stages. Larger predators are often subject to the influence of anthropogenic fishing effort that controls their populations, in addition to climate change effects on life history and populations. Baitfish on the other hand are controlled by predator populations in addition to environmental cues and prey availability.

    The answer is no, not as a general rule. Global climate change affects ecosystems on an organism or population level with changes in environmental conditions that may affect an organisms survival in a multitude of ways that would result in population changes.

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