Is global warming helping to control population growth?



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    Though many people are assuming that global warming is our fault and to stop it we must have less people on earth, I don’t think global warming really controls population growth; I would say that population growth is slowing because in most developed countries there are many contraceptives to choose from, so when a woman is not yet ready to have a baby, or doesn’t want a baby, period, there is a way to keep that from happening. In the same vein, some people don’t want children, and others want several. This is how humans have always been, not just with the threat of global warming looming over them.

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    Global warming may help to control population in that the resulting increased severity in storms and natural disasters will most likely result in increased death tolls of these disasters. As the climate warms, this will also increase the the range in which disease carrying insects and other vectors can spread.  This will increase the spread of disease, which will also help control population growth by increasing the number of deaths worldwide.  However, population growth will likely continue to outpace deaths due to increasing standards of living, medical care, and nutrition in the developing nations where most of the world’s population is increasing.

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