global warming fact or fiction



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    It is impossible t deny the fact that the average temperatures on earth have been increasingly rising over the last decade. Where debate on this issue lies in what the causes for the temperature increase are and how fast the changes will occur. Some people believe that the temperature increases are just part of the sun cycles that have been occurring since earth’s conception. Others believe that this increase is happening fast that any other before because of the carbon emissions into the atmosphere. So global warming is definitely a fact.

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    Global warming is a fact. Human activity caused global warming is the issue that people are having debates about. What the problem is that people should get over the “finding the problem part” (the problem is that the Earth is warming) and start working on a solution (a way to keep the temperatures steady).

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    Fact. The science supporting the conclusions that climate change is happening, and that it is caused primarily by human activity, is unassailable. The International Panel on Climate Change issued its report in 2001 which was the most comprehensive collection of scientific data on the subject that has yet been attempted, and the report was reaffirmed by the panel in 2007. It’s significant that the report has been accepted by the national-level science agencies and private associations of scientists of numerous countries including the United States, Canada, UK, China, France, Japan and Australia. Furthermore, there is considerable scientific consensus on the subject; a survey of peer-reviewed scientific literature over a 5-year period found not a single paper published that rejected the conclusion that anthropogenic global warming is happening. Most of the opposition to the theory of climate change has been from people from political and not scientific backgrounds. People legitimately differ on what measures we should take to combat climate change, but very few reputable scientists are on record as opposing the scientific conclusion of climate change; what few who have stated such opposition appear in almost all cases to have conflicts of interest (such as significant funding from energy industries and political interests) that calls the veracity of their research into serious question.

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