Is global warming discussed in most schools?



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    Global Climate change is discussed in most universities especially in environmentally focused courses. These courses include environmental design, geology, environmental engineering, geography, and environmental policy etc. As for grade school I am not sure.

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    From what I remember, global warming is addressed in most secondary schools as well, but in a scientific manner rather than an emotional one. Common topics include greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect, and climate change. Students are usually encouraged to explore the views of both sides, which I think is a great thing.

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    Most colleges certainly do, but public schools may not due to outside pressure.  Some schools, like the District 51 School in Colorado, are banning discussion of global warming in schools, claiming the issues is “too political” for the classroom.  So, definitely noy all schools.

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    Global climate change is usually discussed in most colleges. For example, in my “Sustaining a Planet” course, we touched upon global warming and why it is a constantly growing problem. I cannot recall hearing about global warming in any of my high school classes because it was not relevant to the class syllabus. As it becomes a bigger problem, it will probably be taught in public schools eventually.

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