Is global warming causing our population to decrease?



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    Maybe in the future.

    Population growth has declined in the industrialized world, mainly because children cost money now instead of make money. In the industrialized and non-industrialized parts of the world population growth is strong for social, religious, and economic reasons.

    Europe and North America are reproducing below replacement rate, but due to immigration their population is growing slightly.

    China, India, the Middle East, West Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, places like these will grow rapidly for at least the next several decades. If Climate Change happens anywhere close to what scientists are predicting today then the places with the most population growth will also be the places with the most problems due to Climate Change.

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    I would not say global warming is causing any noticeable changes in population, but it may be affecting it indirectly. Many people have blamed that natural disasters in that last few years on global warming, which has caused millions of deaths, and has decreased the world’s population in that sense. As far as a constant decrease goes, there is not really any correlation between the global warming and shrinking population. There are scientist that believe that if the environment is not mended, population will begin to dwindle because of famine, disease, and possibly war over what is left.

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