Is global warming causing a food shortage?



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    It isn’t causing a food shortage at this moment, but it has already begun to affect food prices. As heat waves–as a result of climate change–become more prevalent the toll they take on agriculture becomes more pronounced and this is reflected in higher prices. Recently, farmers in California sustained significant losses to their crops and livestock as a result of a heat wave. This sent the prices of surviving agricultural products up noticeably.

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    It certainly WILL.
    Global warming will shorten the growing season and threaten HUGE staple crops like corn and rice. The prices will go up (as they already have) and low-income people everywhere will be…basically SOL.

    “Unless steps are taken, water scarcity and increasingly extreme weather could reduce nationwide crop production by up to 10 percent by 2030. Wheat, rice and corn growing capacity could fall by up to 37 percent in the second half of the century.”

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