global warming on caribou today and long ago

research and science fiction



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    Global warming is not science fiction. It is real and is occurring at a rapid rate. It is a question of the human cause to global warming. And also what we can do to stop it. Even President Bush found the increase in global warming over the past few years. Research and non-fiction. 

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    Global warming is affecting caribou. Caribou feed on lichens that grow in the tundra of Alaska and Canada. The change in temperature is causing warmer temperatures in this region and causing lichens to change. The caribou are without proper food. Also, the caribou may be directly affected by the warmer temperatures because they are unusual. Caribou are warm-blooded and able to control their body temperatures, but develop thick furs in the winter time and may be hot as temperatures rise.

    Caribou populations have declined by as much as 60% recently. Efforts must be made to study the causes of the decline and develop management plans to help save this amazing animal.

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