Is Global Warming becoming a religion?



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    A religion is defined as belief in a supernatural power or powers that can control the fate of man. Since global warming is actually happening (in terms of the temperature of the world rising), it is decidedly not a supernatural event, as it can be explained in scientific terms. Whether or not it will lead to the next ice age or some other cataclysm we cannot be sure. But it’s there, and it’s an issue, and for some people, such as Al Gore, a cause. But I don’t think it can be included as a religion.

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    I don’t think global warming is a religion but is more of an issue that can prompt a change in your way of life. The belief in this scientific fact could cause a change in your behaviors and perhaps your beliefs that could lead to a tremendous ideology change as well. Religion is a structured community of people believing in a higher power; global warming is a scientific fact proving a worldy phenomenon.

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