Is the Ice in the glaciers around the world more imortant than the ice in the ice caps?



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    Neither is more important than the other; both are equally important. The ice in the ice caps is important because not only it is keeping the oceans from covering much more of the planet by freezing the water, they also provide homes for animals. Penguins, polar bears, whales, walrus, and seals all rely, in one form or another, on the ice caps. The same can be said of glaciers. The glaciers melting poses two threats that lead to the same thing: the raising of the oceans. In one way, glaciers (which are normally land-based) dump huge chunks of ice into the water, which then melt and raise the ocean level. In another, the glaciers drip water into lakes and rivers, which then lead to the oceans, causing the oceans to rise even more.

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