Give me three tips on how to be more green today.



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    1. Use canvas recyclable grocery bags.

    2. Drive less, by walking more and taking more public transit.

    3. Shower less frequently. We are entering a world of water shortages and every drop counts. California has already implemented water rationing measures after repeated droughts, these situations will only get worse as climate change worsens.

    To have a greater impact, request that all of your friends and family do the same. You can also post about easy ways to go green on social networking websites like Facebook. The power of persuasion is the greater power of all, and every person persuaded is a small victory.

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    1. Try not to drink a bottle of water at work. We are starting to better understand the cost of petroleum and environmental waste caused by bottles of water. Bring your own thermos!

    2. Unplug your LCD or plasma TV when not in use. Many of these have power consuming backlights that are on even when the TV is off.

    3. Buy locally and organically grown fruits and vegetables. Not only are you helping local businesses but the fuel consumption that is saved when you cut out an industrial distributor really does matter.

    Think about what you do, what you have, and where it comes from and how you can alter your behavior to consume less. Good luck!

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