getting rid of silver fish in my home.



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    Try to cut off their resources by making sure you don’t leave out food and clean up spills. Silverfish like starches, sugars, and protein. Make sure your food in the cabinet is sealed up tight. Silverfish also like to hang out in moist places, so if you keep wet sponges on the sink, have leaky pipes, etc, make sure you do your best to eliminate or contain these.

    You can also set up a trap, like a roach trap, or you can make your own. Using a glass jar, cover the outside with masking tape. The silverfish will be attracted to the adhesive and climb up the jar, but they’ll fall in, and won’t be able to climb the smooth surface. Make sure the jar is very clean before taping it. You can use some food or a moist cotton ball as bate for inside the jar, but usually it’s not necessary.

    You can use an eco-friendly pesticide to help – I’d recommend EcoSmart brand.

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    If you’re willing to use insecticides, Cyonara 9.7 is a highly effective in getting rid of silverfish bugs. A natural insecticide that has been said to be effective is ECOPCU. Check out the links below to find more methods.

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    I have a different silverfish situation than described by the other comments: Every few weeks I’ll find a single silverfish in my place. Since I own a lot of books, and silverfish eat them, any silverfish at all is very bad.

    My inside home environment is relatively controlled, so cutting off resources or using insecticide isn’t useful or necessary.

    What I do when I see a silverfish is kill it. Immediately, with my hand, if I have to. Silverfish also go to the ceiling, where they can’t be easily smashed. The solution to this is to take a large open container (or a large piece of cardboard that fits snugly against a wall) and to give the silverfish one shot of ammonia window cleaner. When the silverfish loses its grip, catch it while it’s stunned. You’ll then have enough time to flush it down the toilet.

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