Is getting a flu shot every year bad for you?



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    Getting a flu shot every year is not harmful. Many people avoid getting one every year for fear of catching the flu from the vaccine, but this is impossible because the vaccine is made of dead strains of the virus. The only side effects from the flu shot are a soreness in the arm where it was administered. For young children, a mild fever, fatigue, and muscle aches are possible side effects.

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    Flu viruses are capable of mutating and forming new strains in very short periods of time. Getting a yearly flu short ensures that you have developed antibodies to the most recent flu strain. People who don’t already have established antibodies in their immune system might be more susceptible to a flu epidemic if a new strain emerges. While yearly flu shots won’t make you completely immune, if the new strain is sufficiently similar to a known one your body might react to it more quickly.

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    A major argument against certain flu vaccines is that they are (or have been) administered to the public while still in their experimental form. Not all flu vaccines have passed certain safety standards, but have been administered anyway in recent years because of fears of a flu epidemic. This is especially true of the “swine flu” that caused such a stir last winter. Follow the link below to get more information.

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