Is Germany ahead of the United States with its renewable energy?



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    According to a 2008 Ernst & Young report, no.  The US ranked #1 in renewable energy investments and Germany came in a close #2.  Although the US ranked first overall, Germany outdid the US (and every other country) in solar capacity and offshore wind power.  The US scored particularly high in onshore wind power, solar power, infrastructure and agricultural resources.

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    I think actually the report cited above proves that Germany has likely invested more in renewables than the U.S. But the U.S. has more potential for investment in the market, given its landmass and various landscapes. Also, China is investing huge amounts of state-money into renewables, even as they build new coal plants. And China is now building a photovoltaic plant in Arizona to produce panels.

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    Germany has a solid reputation in terms of renewability because it is a big player in the production of solar panels. This is partially because the government works hard to encourage this industry. 

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