Is geothermal a renewable energy?



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    Yes. Geothermal refers to the earth’s natural production of heat. Geo – Earth, Thermal – heat. By harnessing the heat that the earth naturally produces we would be able to add enormous potential to our renewable energy solutions.

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    Geothermal energy will be available to us for millions of years. Since earth is heated by the decay of radioactive elements, you could think of geothermal energy as a safer, more long-lasting source of nuclear power. The difference between nuclear power plants and geothermal energy is that with geothermal energy, the uranium stays in the ground and decays much more slowly. When we mine uranium and use it in power plants, we induce a chain reaction in the uranium to make it decay more quickly. Geothermal energy is different because the uranium stays in the ground and does not wind up as waste that we must store somewhere.

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