Is gentrification a green process?



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    Gentrification is not a green process usually. Gentrification is the socio-economic and demographic change that results when wealthier people begin to move into and buy property in neighborhoods that are low income. The poorer neighborhood becomes gentrified as the wealthier residents move in. There are both positive and negative effects associated with gentrification.

    This process does not really involve environmental consciousness, although it can sometimes have a positive impact on the environment. Wealthier residents would have the funds to pay for improved air quality or for more parks to become available. However, these effects are only secondary.

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    Gentrification can actually potentially cause positive as well as negative effects for the population. Gentrification is can be good because the type of population change reduces industrial land use when it is redeveloped for commerce and housing. But the fact that more buildings are being built is not green in itself since they are building and using energy.

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