Is gatorade good for you?



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    Gatorade can replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, but is generally unnecessary for the casual athlete.  There are also vitamins and minerals in gatorade, but all except the G2 line use high fructose corn syrup and many contain unnatural coloring.  I don’t think gatorade is bad for you per se, but replenishing your lost fluids with water and eating proper nutrition are a good alternative to sports drinks.

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    Gatorade is a good thing during strenuous or any exercising that is over an hour. Just as GreenBean mentioned above, during exercise, you need to replenish your lost electrolytes and stay hydrated. The sugar in gatorade helps provide the body with new energy but should be monitored. Some people have also mentioned the sodium content in gatorade. It is always recommended to stick with water when possible and to only reach for gatorade when essential minerals have been lost during exercise. Just as a fact, when soda was banned in 2006 from being sold in high schools-gatorade was also banned…

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