Is gasoline a gas?



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    Gas, short form for gasoline, is not actually a gas. Its original name is petroleum, and is a liquid form of flammable hydrocarbons. The phase of gas is the 3rd state of matter, when matter is energized to a boiling point.

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    Gasoline is an extremely volatile chemical.  This means that it has a high tendency to change from liquid to gas; it evaporates very quickly.  The gasoline that you pump into your car is in a liquid state, but if you expose it to air and less pressure, it will turn on its own to gas.  This is why it is important never to have heat near a gasoline container, or an area where gasoline might have been spilled.  It is just as flammable in its gaseous state.  Actually, the word “gasoline” comes directly from the word gas (which comes from chaos), with the added chemical suffix.

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