Gardening with Biochar?

Has anyone used biochar to increase production in vegetable gardens? If you have, what part of the world do you live in, what vegetables were you growing, and what were the results?



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    Biochar is a “fine-grained, highly porous charcoal” made by carbonizing agricultural waste.  It can be added to depleted soils in order to increase nutrient and water retention, encouraging soil recycling and fostering crop viability. 

    The production of biochar also results in oil and gas byproducts that can be used as fuel.  

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      I have not personally used biochar, but a company called Hawaii Biochar Products started by Josiah Hunt features some interesting testimonials. Hunt began HBP after reading an article in National Geographic about biochar. A landscaper with a degree in Agroecology and Environmental Quality, Hunt started making his own biochar at home and soon started selling it by allowing clients to test biochar themselves before making payment. You can read more about HBP at

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