Is gangrene common anymore?



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    Interesting question. Before the age of modern medicine and even during the early years of its development, gang green was a huge problem. Now, although it does appear time to time in patients, there are many ways to preemptively treat symptoms. Gang green, according to is “Death and decay of body tissue, often occurring in a limb, caused by insufficient blood supply and usually following injury or disease.” It can also be caused by a bacterial invasion, which most antibiotics can treat. As for the lack of blood flow, there are many drugs that can slowly relieve the situation.

    Medically, gang green does not have to be an infection, often times it is not. It is simply a lack of blood flow to a specialized area causing symptoms like discolorization.

    Realistically, when gang green is brought on by injury, the infection can be treated before it develops into a full on gang green erruption. So to answer you’re question in short; common, yes. Is it deadly or even limb threatening?!?!? probably not. Hope that answered your question.

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      Gangrene today isn’t as common as it was in the 1860s. As technology advanced, us humans have developed many ways to potentially cure/treat gangrene. In 2007 a report was made to in which record the cases of gangrene reported to any health department in America. A record of 32,278 cases were made on that year.

      And to syl6 i have to say you are wrong.
      Gangrene is an infection and symptoms such as discolorization are one of many signs of Gangrene. Yes it could be due to lack of blood streaming through your veins BUT THAT IS WHAT GANGRENE IS! Gangrene is caused by bacteria and bacteria causes blood vessels to break and/or get blocked. And since blood can’t transport any oxygen or nutrient to that specific area, tissue begins to die. I advise you to do more research before you leave such an absurd answer

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