With alternative fuels are we trying to get a car to run longer or just run cleaner?



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    One of the overall goals of alternative fuel vehicles, such as electric vehicles, is to develop a form of transportation that is less environmentally damaging while still giving people the freedom they have grown accustomed to. Another concern with developing electric vehicles is making them be able to travel long distances so that people can use them on a every day basis and for longer trips. Research and development is being performed with a goal of making the batteries for electric vehicles more efficient allowing people to travel longer distances. This is still in the development stage, but the goal is to develop an electric vehicle that can travel just as far if not further than a gasoline powered vehicle.

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    The primary goal behind alternative fuels is to decrease the dependence of the transportation sector on foreign oil imports. This will have the subsidiary effect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making the car run cleaner in terms of inducing climate change. Extending the service life of existing car designs is not a particular goal of alternative fuel technology, as there are currently more critical obstacles, like manufacturing cost and fuel infrastructure.

    Service lifetime is a concern for fuel cell and battery technology. Those products are very expensive to manufacture, and the lifetimes of some currently available products are unacceptably short. In that respect, extending the life of the fuel is a near-term goal. The lifetime of the car is not as much a concern.

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