Is a fresh water or salt water aquarium better for the environment?



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    A fresh water aquarium is better.  Many marine fish you find in pet stores were snatched from the wild, and unfortunately, the practices used to obtain these innocent creatures is not environmentally friendly either.  Toxins are used to “stun” the fish to make it easier for them to be captured; the adverse effects these toxins have on the reefs is basis enough not to own a salt water aquarium, especially since the world’s reefs are already at risk from things such as overfishing and global warming.  It is also a big investment and commitment to maintain any type of fish tank, especially a salt water one. 

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    Saltwater tanks are self-enclosed ecosystems, really. If you’re serious about the hobby, then you’ll likely need live rock, fish that coexist naturally, plenty of salt and other various chemicals, and a sump filter. Freshwater aquaria isn’t a walk in the park either, but most freshwater setups are considerably simpler as long as the hobbyist adheres to basic principles. Plenty of freshwater and saltwater fish are caught from the wild; consequently they are stressed, which may result in premature death. However, I concur with lola14: saltwater reef systems are so delicate, and any organisms that belong in the ocean can help stabilize populations. Freshwater fish are generally not as threatened.

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    depends what fish are in your tank 😀

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