Is Freon poisonous?



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    Freon, another name for chlorofluorocarbons sometimes used in refrigeration and aerosol cans, aren’t toxic. They can, however, cause asphyxiation if exposed to it in high quantities in unventilated areas, and heart arrhythmia, so people with heart conditions can be negatively affected. Their main problem is that they contribute to ozone depletion, and ever since this was discovered in the 70’s have been heavily regulated and are used more and more rarely.  

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    According to Freon’s Material Safety Data Sheet, Freon isn’t poisonous at low concentrations, but overexposure (and “gross overexposure” when the air concentration is 20%) will cause nausea, headache, weakness, dizziness and confusion, as well as cause you to fall unconscious. The heart may experience palpitations and impaired circulation. The reason is that Freon displaces oxygen and is heavier than air. If you suspect Freon is leaking in your house, ventilate the room, make sure you get fresh air, and call your doctor if you are experiencing the symptoms above.

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    The poisonous ingredient in Freon is Fluorinated hydrocarbons. It can cause harmful side effects in the human body is ingested, sniffed, or comes into contact with the skin.

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