is Freon bad for the environment?



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    The use of freon in air conditioning units leads to the erosion of the ozone layer. CFC’s produced when freon is used, combine with pure oxygen in the upper layers of the atmosphere, resulting in a depletion of this protective layer.

    CFC’s or chlorofluorocarbons ( a mouthful, I know) are organic compounds which contain carbon, chlorine and fluorine. The Ultraviolet radiation present at very high altitudes breaks apart this compound, allowing the freed chlorine particles to attach to oxygen in the ozone layer.

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    Freon is an odorless, colorless group of liquid chemicals used in air conditioners and refrigerators.  It was surrounded in controversy in the 1990s when DuPont phased out some forms of it due to the negative effects the Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) were having on the environment.  Today, freon still comes with it’s warnings, for example, inhaling directly from a leak can be dangerous, beacuse it is heavier than air and when inhaled it can settle in the lungs which can cause lots of problems and possible suffocation.  And it is still considered bad for the environment and the ozone layer and sustained exposure to it is not recommended.

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