Is the Freon in Air Conditioners bad for you?



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    If Freon is leaking from your air conditioner, it can pose some serious health risks, especially in an environment where little air is flowing through. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Freon, overexposure by inhaling Freon can cause dizziness, confusion, nausea, a loss of consciousness and possible heart malfunctions. If you are exposed to it, seek fresh air immediately, and if the dizziness persists, see a doctor.

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    Freon is a trademarked name for clorofluorocarbons (CFCs).  It does not represent a specific chemical, but just the class of CFCs so only general statements of the typically safety of CFCs can be made.

    In general, exposure to high levels of Freon can cause heart arrhythmia and palpations.  Freon does not appear to have any long-term health risks at low exposures that can occur due to leaking refridgerators or air conditioners, even over long periods of time.

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