Freezing Honey.

I recently froze 5lbs of honey. It turned almost a tan in coloor. Is this OK? Do I need to do anything to it to get its color back?It’s expensive and I don’t want to throw it ot . Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.




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    Dont throw it away! Its still good honey. It is actually recommended to freeze honey for longer term storage, so you did nothing wrong by freezing it. As honey ages, it naturally changes color and often crystalizes. I am not sure that the color will “come back”. You can try slowly heating it, in its current container, in a pot of water to thaw it out or uncrystalize it so it turns back into the gooey spreadable substance we love so much. Good Luck!

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      Thank You so much for the quik response. I’m so happy I don’t have to throw it out. I live on SS and I bought that for the winter,Had a little so froze this and was afraid to use it. Thanks Again.


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    It should be fine.  A lot of foods change slightly in color when frozen.  Just reheat it and it should be fine.

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      I did heat it and it did come back. That was weird as it was a tan paste when I started to heat it but it looks fine now. Thanks.

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