Is a freeway with no traffic better for the environment?



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    No.  Because then you just wasted all those materials to build a freeway that has no purpose 

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    According to the Transportation Research Board, there is a significant reduction in automotive emissions when there is less traffic. To respond to keithplaya9’s answer, roads that have already been built but are not significantly traveled shouldn’t be factored into the environmental equation.  In business it is called a sunk cost.  We can’t change what has already been done but we can have an impact on current and future actions.  With this in mind, I believe the goal should be to make as many roads as possible irrelevant.

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    I think ale is asking whether or not driving on a freeway with no traffic is better than driving in heavy traffic. The answer is yes, because you will be able to drive at a more constant speed, idle less, and be on the road for less time, which means that your car will be running for a shorter amount of time. Driving at low traffic times is one of the principals of “eco-driving,” which involves constant speeds, less stop-and-go, and not driving during high traffic. This type of driving is eco-friendly because it reduces emissions of particle matter, black carbon, and carbon dioxide. It also reduces fuel consumption.

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