free energy ?



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    If you get a solar generator, then after installation, all your energy is free, and once that pays off your initial investment, the energy you get afterwards is genuinely free.

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    Free energy is the energy in physical systems which is available to do work. We are surrounded by free energy in the form of sunlight, tides, and wind to mention a few. These energies are free, it isn’t free to harness these energies.

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    The Free Energy Info website has a wealth of information on various device that use little input energy to have a large output of energy, including magnetic energy, gravitational energy, and many, many more theories and inventions which seek to tap into sources of energy not often used for large-scale operations.

    Some of it may be a bit far-fetched, but this site has a wealth of information that would be great to tap into on a rainy day and from what I’ve seen, is written to be fairly accessible as well. Enjoy!

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